Like what the hell?how many bugs you want to make for the game?

I just experience the game data (like hotkey or others setting) being reset.
and it keep reset my data everytime I restart my game
after that I went to esoc and confirm this issue exist not only in my end.
I can say I am pretty rage right now.
I never criticism on the dev before bc I believe they would solve everything eventually
and most of those bugs are endurable .
I have to reset all my setting everytime I open my game?

WHAT THE ■■■■?

We literary pay $10 for involving a beta game
and I just can’t feel any sincerity from dev for launching such a buggy game.
I know they probably dont care but I wont open this game till they fix this


actully 20$, 10$ only in few countries.

Could it be because the game crashes on exit or just crashes in general? I’ve experienced this issue with some other games.

Really? It’s only a little over 5$ in Russia (less with discounts). Didn’t know regional prices can vary this much. Sorry for a bit of off-topic.

me too…
FE team very ■■■■■ good
already destroyed aoe3

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It happened to me on Wednesday, one day after the hotfix 4087 released.

I lost many many files in C:\Users, including firefox, telegram, steam, discord etc… and the homecity and settings in DE are all reset. I thought it was my computer’s problem until I found this post and the thread from ESOC (

I was very excited when I heard DE would be released in mid-Oct. But the dev team keeps me disappointed and consumes my patience in this two weeks. Bugs are not fixed (Hunts and Ships are so difficult to click/TP stucks units/not sending a shipment after clicking it), games still crashes, connection problems, ELO not working, and now the game even delete my files!!! They are not fixing bugs but just create more problems! How can I promote this problematic game to my friends?

I consider to leave this game if the main bugs are not fixed in next month. I don’t want to be rude but I am losing my patience. Do your job seriously dev team please. Thanks.

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I encountered this on last Friday. Just played one campaign, then the windows 10 login file was corrupted. All of the Steam games except AOE3:DE were deleted. Also, many software has been deleted.

I was in a really bad mood that weekend. All I want to do is to recover my data, but some of them were lost.

Hope the team can fix this problem soon.