Limit to certain siege types and buildings!

a limit seriously needs putting on fortresses, mangonels, bees nests, it seriously is stupid how many of each you can have, it makes sieging impossible and also defending easy, you need to seriously put a limit on these things if you want this game to survive, it is literally the only thing that lets it down, RELIC, if you do not do this, i doubt myself or most people will continue playing, SORT IT OUT LADS!!!

What makes you think most people want this?

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because it makes no sense for people to have to invest 50 pop in siege because their enemy has 20+ fortresses, leave you at a huge disadvantage as well as making sieging the most boring experience ever.

prove me wrong

Prove you wrong? You’re the one who made the claim that most people wouldn’t play because of this.

I have never seen anywhere near 10 keeps in a game, let alone 20. A couple Bombards take seconds to destroy a keep anyway.

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how so, when bombards range is less than a fortress?, they can be countered easily, fortress will pick units off casually, trebuchets are slow, do little damage, if your enemy has 20+ fortress, you have 50+ siege they instantly have more units to field than you do and seen as siege is easily countered by units, it leaves you at a real dis advantage.

not to mention 5 Villagers can repair a building faster than trebs can kill them

and the way i know most people wont play is the way they QUIT as soon as they see a line of fortress in high numbers.

stop seal clubbing players and you play against good players, that way you will see high numbers of keeps.

Ha what? Go watch games from the top players on stream. You will never see one of them build that many keeps.

yeah because they know its cheese strats, makes games boring, it still does not counter the fact they need a limit.

ive also seen some streams and yes they do so stop talking rubbish, most will literally litter the enemies side with a fortresses, because they know it works 100%.

Trebs have way more range than keeps. Bombards have the same range as a keep and a crap load of ranged armor. The only potential answer keeps have is a cannon or springald implacement, but they can only have 1 of each and will still be drastically out DPSed by Bombards (which can also be repaired by villagers).

Could you provide even a single example of a high level player having 10 or more keeps in one game?

yes i know trebs have better range, but villagers can repair faster than a treb can damage, trust me i know this, i had 2 trebs attacking 1 wall segments for around 5 mins while my peasants were repairing it lol.

bombards having the same range is exactly what i said, which makes it harder to counter them.

also, why do only streamers have to do this, i know for a fact that people will build loads of fortress in placements in the game, not to mention most streamers will only do 1v1, which is much different in terms of a wall of fortress, im also not going to spend 1 hour+ trying to find a scene where the streamer or his enemy has a lot of fortress, be serious bro.

it needs limiting, the chinese faction is well know for fortress spam!.

You don’t need 50 pop in siege lol.
Just make like 4 trebuchets and keep your army around them.

So you’re idling like 10 enemy villagers permanently?

Dude you said Bombards had less range than keeps.

Not that it even matters. Even a group of cavalry can kill a keep relatively quickly. There are many options available for destroying (or ignoring) keeps.

You said playing against good players we would see high numbers of keeps.

So if that’s true then why are none of the high level players building that many keeps?

how many high level players play anything but 1v1, only seeing 1v1’s, but nahh its cool bro, if you wanna see walls of fortress to be it, but i will play the mod (when they come out) that plays with a limit on fortresses and mangonels and bee nests.

also most high level players only 1v1 other high levels players, mainly team games is where you see huge numbers of fortressess, so your telling me, that the things i have seen with my eyes dont exist?, if so then everything i have ever seen is non existent… what a guy xD

it doesn’t take 10 and if you have a good economy balance, you can easily afford to idle 10 villagers.

don’t tell me this don’t exist, i have done this myself xD.

also for the record, i am not no crap player, I can play the game at a decent level, 1v1 and upwards, so its not a case of me playing badly trust me!.