Lincoln Mission is not triggering

I am playing the first battle of lincoln mission and it is not progressing. It said to clear the gates that were being seiged. I did that but it is not moving on. See screen shot- it won’t get checked off though the completion bar is full.

Also the green AI is not responding.

Yes Same here i am facing this issue big time… no matter whichever way i destroy blockade this one doesn’t respond and is stuck over there.

Sorry to hear you are running into this @CallMeKingPa and @Kens1123. The team will look into this. For now, I suggest contacting support with your warnings.log file. Thanks!

Along with contacting support (always solid advice), please do note that using cheats may cause undesirable behavior. The screencap up there has maxed out resources…which, to my knowledge, it not something that happens in most campaign missions :laughing:.