Linguistic Diversity for French Villagers?

Hi! Given that in medieval France only a minority spoke French, with a majority speaking Occitan (one of the richest languages in terms of the medieval poetry it left behind) up until the days of the French revolution when learning the standard dialect became mandatory, do you think that villagers should speak occitan too? As in, when a villager is created, it is randomly assigned to speak either French or Occitan, and its voice lines will be in that language until the game ends?
Military units would still speak exclusively French, as that was a more official language.

What do you think French villagers should speak?

  • Exclusively French
  • French and Occitan
  • Exclusively Occitan
  • Multiple Dialects of French (langue d’oïl) and Occitan (langues d’oc)
  • As many languages as possible, French, Occitan, Breton, Norman, Basque, Picard…

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It’s not fair one is 34 and the rest are 33 when all three only have one vote each.

These are the type of details that can be historically accurate without really hurting the game. Hopefully the devs have done their homework and each civ’s cultural nuances are equally respected.

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It’s lowkey charming that the entire community would be polled on this question of precise linguistic accuracy. Personally, I am absolutely no authority whatsoever on what language would be most appropriate for medieval French villagers.

Don’t worry, some of us, like myself, are both French and of Occitan origin, and voted accordingly ^^.
More seriously and if you are interested in this lesser know part of history (Basically Northern France vs Southern France), you can read this: Albigensian Crusade - Wikipedia.
It is incredible, with massive medieval battles and multiple castle sieges and fortified city battles such as Carcassonne, which is still standing today.