Linux support

Hello guys. If you are using Linux, please support this topic, so devs will see how important it is.
I don’t have Win10 instance anymore on my system and I don’t wanna install big ■■■■■■■ OS just for 1 game. Every other game just running in 1 click native or with Proton:
I have personally ran Civilization 5, 6, War Selection, Control, Frost Punk, Jurrasik World, Layers of Fear 1,2, Metro 2033, Satisfactory, Factorio, World of Tanks, World of Warships, all the Unity games + 99% UE games, 50 other small and big games.
AoE 2 HD runs fine with Proton, AoE 2 DE runs also but with proper tweaks.

It will be a huge shame for micro$soft if AoE4 will not work on Linux.

  • I have only Linux
  • I have only Win
  • I have Linux + Win
  • Mac

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I will be surprised if Microsoft supports Aoe4 for platforms other than Windows10/11. But I really hope I am wrong! Please support Linux. At least through Proton.