Lions didn't attack militia

Game Version:101.101.35209.0 4667120

  • Platform Steam


Attempted to send a lion train to opponents base but the first militia died. The lions ignored the second militia no matter how close I got. Out of desperation I hit one of lions which made only that lion become aggressive.
Later on the lions decided that one of militias approaching looked delicious decided to eat that guy in particular.

Reproduction Steps: (see video for game replay)

  1. Make lions follow different unit types to see if they bug out, if they follow the unit make them follow until unit is dead
  2. Once the lions are relocated send another unit or militia and see if they follow them


anyone else have this problem?

Yes, they only follow once the first unit they see, if that unit is dead and any other unit passes the wolf they wont hunt them.


This is not intentional im assuming, hopefully its fixed soon. Especially on gold rush it can have a big effect on the game

Yeh, I built a milita for Gaia rush and it died to early. Then I build another one to pick up the 8 wolves but they simply didnt follow me lol

Send gazelles next time.