Lisst of priority for devs in my opinion

  1. crashes on 4vs4 and 3vs3 (every players has had 1, its not us)
  2. a tool to make for us to send crash logs with jsut 1 click, so chances of cooperating icnrease
  3. LOS on units and buildings
  4. building times and creation of units times shown on IU
  5. more info on IU, what are the numbers of a card, not what it does, dont tell me that manor houses health units nearby, tell me heal number per second, on units that are number range nearby, dont tell me send jaegers tell me send jaegers and let me see number of them. We had to know all this by memory after we make a long investigation on internet or playing versus AI, but it just must be at a glance on IU.
    More info on natives post, we read many things but we dont know what they are until we build native post, it should be shown on IU before building it.
    All info we can get from IU instead of internet.
  6. ranked list we cannot see pages with uneven numbers
  7. clans of infinite members

Hi Raul,

There is already a master topic with a list of issues by priority in this topic. I’m going to close this topic because it is a duplicate.

You’re welcome to contribute to the master topic.