List of additions/improvements I would like to see in the game:

This is an update of the list I posted last year, with new ideas.

  1. Possibility of changing teams in the middle of the match (as in Age 2);
  2. AI being able to create tributary quests in-game to change diplomacy, like in Age 2;
  3. Option to limit the maximum age of a match;
  4. Being able to select Random map before the match;
  5. Being able to choose random civilization before the match;
  6. Being able to choose colors before the match;
  7. Handicap (percentage, positive or negative) for AI/Player, as in Age 3;
  8. The addition of some sort of reaction to workers when attacked, which could be fleeing, seeking shelter or fighting;
  9. New trees should appear and grow slowly, always keeping a minimum distance from buildings;
  10. The addition of coastal maps - half continental map, and the other half being sea, with islands of different sizes scattered across it;
  11. The option to exit the game directly to Windows;
  12. Remove over damage from ranged units, like in SC2;
  13. More variaty of animals, like in Age of Mithology;
  14. Wild animals should reproduce slowly;
  15. Aging up should be slower, costing more resources or taking longer time;

For now these are the changes I would most like to see in the game. As I get new ideas, I plan to expand this list.
Comment on any changes you would like to see, if I agree I can add them to my list.

Thank you very much for your attention. Have a good game.


Oh and in case of random crashes or other related issues the player should be able to reconnect back in the game. I currently didn’t see any sort of way to rejoin a match in case of a power outage, internet problem or random crash and some would feel bad to not rejoin. What do you think of this?


Most of your proposals can go well in custom games and some in ranked.

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Many good ideas, here ,however prehaps remove the animals reproducing one, a bit perverted my opinioin and depending on how good they make the graphics may make the game not appropriate for young players, otherwise good ideas for changes

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I believe this is a fair point @Wrabia . It never happened to me, once i usually play against the AI, but it seens a very reasonable demand.

Thank you for your contribution, man.

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You are absolutely right, although this was not my intention, the slow reproduction of animals can be interpreted with a sexual connotation.
But, to make my intention clear, I would just like to see small versions of the adult animals appear sporadically, without coitus.

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Resource regeneration will severely lengthen many above average ELO games where players would poke each other constantly, having to expend resources to replenish the army, not letting the other side go for Wonder. This game already goes over an hour on a regular basis. The game should eventually lead to attrition and force an end.

Slow age-up is out of the reach, sadly. HRE and Abbasids are designed around fast age-up at the moment.

Most of your ideas are good. I like the thought of trees growing to replenish cut down forests, I wouldn’t allow players to switch teams not on multiplayer anyway. I feel that would be problematic and really annoying . Players should be able to pick a random civ and choose their color

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  1. TREATY MODE OPTIONAL why do ppl always forget about this??? (20/40/60 min treaty).
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I would be in favor of adding a treaty mode. Always liked treaty in AoE 3


I’m sure they are not that crazy to create a detail like that, they are aware of legal problems due to its controversial aspect, the suggestion meant the regeneration of animal resources not the active visual reproduction of animals on the field or next to the players base. Ngl, it’s a funny scenario you said there. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I agree with you, man.
I would like the switch teams to be an optional feature, as it was in Age 2 (if i am not mistaken), as it could be a problem in multiplayer games.
It is mostly for games against AI, when a palyer is fighting against a much larger number of enemies and have to use diplomacy to even the ods.

Thank you for you contribution.

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Agree with you, man, it is a good feature.

  1. Treaty mode (optional);

Thank you for the contribution.