List of unfixed bugs

I still have this bug in the editor
Change Ownership: Using “Set Area” for a specific type of unit or building does not work, it will always change ownership of all objects in the area, regardless of what object you pick from the list.

The game is at the moment unplayble for me

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For build house you need to open the economic menu first. This is done using a hotkey in Unit Commands:

If you have house on ‘F’ and economic menu hotkey is ‘Q’ you’d have to press: Q and then F
I have house on Q and economic menu on Q too. So I press Q twice for a house

Thank you! That helps!

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This one and is frustrating…

Not sure if we are supposed to always bring more bugs in here, but I feel like its the point of this thread. This migth be one of the minor things to consider, but seems to be pretty easy and consistent to reproduce:


or a major one to fix crashing or out of syncs

@Harooooo1 Since @GMEvangelos said this thread could be closed, is there anything you can do? This thread should be unpinned and closed if it’s no longer looked at. @GMEvangelos Can you confirm if this thread is still actively monitored, if not please unpin it. There’s more and more people trying to add to this list.

The post I mentioned:

It doesn’t matter if the devs actively monitor this thread or not. This is just me trying to keep an eye on all the most important bugs, more or less, and to not lose track of them. It was never official to begin with.

But yeah I agree that it can be unpinned. It wasn’t even me who made the pin request, but some other commenter, and a mod responded and pinned it.


can you add this bug to the list?


Please don’t forget the AIs

AI Burgundians and Sicilians Tech

No hitting explosion animation when shooting trebuchets on buildings with chemistry.

Without chemistry you get a nice dust/white smoke impact animation.

But with chemistry the trebuchet impact just disapears like there isnt any explosive animations ingame.

In capture age you see it very nice and clear and looks so good. Please readd the chemistry explosion animation from trebuchets.

Look this clip from 1:12:00 - 1:14:00 and you will see both hitting animations in capture age from trebuchets using chemistry and without chemistry)

$1,000 Best of 21 | DauT vs JorDan | Day 3 - YouTube

PS: Dont know where to report this, if on wrong place someone please post it on the correct place so devs see it. Thanks in advance


Making a specific bug report thread for this is best for it to be read by devs.

This post is to compile links of as many bug reports as possible

I think I’ve reported this twice, not sure why it’s not fixed yet (trebuchet animation bug)

Im pretty new to forums so anyone who can report this on the appropriate place i would appreciate it if you did. Thanks

Updated the list and reviewed some older bugs.

I can claim with 99% certainty that all of the bugs in this list are still present in the current version of the game.

Here’s a link for those who don’t want to scroll to the beginning of the thread


When playing on the new Michi map in random map mode, we get 3 extra villagers than usual.
tested with “generic civ” and got housed with 6 villagers at the start.
tested with chinese and started with 9 villagers.

frequency of issue : every time.

how to reproduct the bug : start a game on the new michi map.

I’m pretty sure that was intentional.


No news about sync issue ? 3 games desync today so I stopped playing…

There is a modding bug when trying to edit civTechTrees.json and creating a mod with that file.

When you make a mod to load into the game, the file won’t ever be read in, for some reason the game acts like the new file doesn’t exist.

But if you manually replace the default civTechTrees.json with your modded version, then the changes show up in game perfectly.

There’s that RMS bug which was reported in March 2020 and it’s still present:

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