List of unnecessary Nerf that damage civilization much more than it should


Dogs of war:

dogs of war stats were nerfed twice in different patches, also their cost was increased once from 75 to 80

As a consequence it is almost never profitable to use the unit for combat, unlike how it was before that it had a more general purpose between making treasures and as a combat unit. Perhaps the first nerf made sense since Spain, unlike the game, legacy its cards Melee infantry improvement does affect the war dog, but the second nerf was unjustified, no one complained about the war dogs for being strong because they aren’t even strong, oh the best I think this was due to Spain’s strategy to make farm FI that it was broken, but first they nerfed the dog and the bonus of experience before the strategy itself that should be nerfed


  • Dispatch of 5 villagers removed

If the British were a strong and safe civilization, because they not only had the best echo in the mid game, but also in the early game, the difference in economy was already noticeable.

As we all know, the British were nerfed hard with -100 initial food, Manor houses + 5 wood, Virginia company less experience, perhaps it was not necessary to lower the experience of building houses, already in case you start with tp with - 100 food makes the start very slow, considering that you have a few seconds left without making villagers because of it.

Because they exceeded the nerf to the shipments of villagers, if the price of the houses and the initial drawer was enough,

In fact, the British in team games were much worse than before because it is much more frequent to play ambitious in team games, sending 5 villagers at age 2 was more important than sending 3 villagers at age 1, as a team it is clearer , but in 1v1 it was also hard, even kaiserklein admits that it was stupid to remove the 5 villagers. In general, with the British in the MU, you could stay fighting at age 2, you didn’t have as much need as the other civilizations to go up to age 3, in that case, the 5 villagers were key to pass the time at age 2, since there is no pass either fast at age 3, one way to combat the rival FF, was to play ambitious at the beginning, to create a lot of troops at minute 7-9 and beat them with a lot of troops.

PORTUGAL: Was it simply necessary to remove the mini bonus for collecting food from hunted animals?? In that case it was better to weaken feitorias than to remove that bonus, since the civilization can be played in other ways without feitorias but the issue that to do other things was already weakened by the nerf to the bonus. If I wanted to suggest something at least that the wagon move faster 4 to 4.25 to build the Tc in an opportune place a little faster.


Sepoy: siege damage and damage against cavalry was nerfed

Sepoy weakened the common characteristics of the heavy infantry and in exchange they improved those same characteristics to the Rajput. It was fine when the Rajput was really strong, but now that the Raput has been nerfed it’s still more of an occasional unit for many MUs because melee is hard to take advantage of. The issue is that the sepoy was always the core of India in almost all MUs, it was simply a stronger musketeer but justified by the price, now since you justify the price being so bad to besiege and against cavalry, it became one of the best musketeers against cavalry to be the worst.

At least you get the siege and damage against cavalry of a common musketeer and not the musketeer that costs less than 100 resources when the sepoy costs 120. Maybe the change was good to make a better difference between the rajput and the sepoy but it wasn’t good either The idea is to make the unit not meet the objectives of a heavy infantry unit.

Lastly, was the nerf to the Indian shipping curve really necessary? the civilization was not strong at least in win rate, if it was, it was precisely because of the rajput with its letter improvements and the shipments from the ottoman consulate that were actually quite good, but this has already been nerfed, but why the shipping curve I am almost 99% sure that India was OP because the changes from the consulate were a great advantage, the change from hussar to delier, 7 Azap, in your army, even with the export letter plus 300 in some cases you could send the 3 2 times delier and that if it was used well when the enemy had little anti cavalry it was very good.

Sure it could put more unnecessary Nerfs to other civilizations but I’m not too sure about that.

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I want to add the hauds card that change gold to wood cost for both FP and Musket Rider. Yes the card add 400% wood yield, but every time a group of at least 10 Musket Rider lost means 1000 wood lost, and player must keep their worker in danger than before. This card enables to play Tomahawk/Kanya in the late game but punish the Forest Prowler/Musket Rider composition each time it used