List of useless cards and potential ways to improve them

Healing is worth it even for one or two priests but priests are problematic because you can only train them from your one church.

Surgeons can make hospitals closer to the front lines and they heal much quicker, not to mention you can get new surgeons from existing hospitals.

I know choosing cards can be tricky since why bother with surgeons if priests will do…But do you ever use 100% of your deck? Personally I create decks according to terrain type for open areas cavalry are supreme in forested areas infantry do better.

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Field hospital should heal some units at the same time, or at least % of HP instead HP/s

Pretty sure they heal all in a radius just like docks. It’s still pretty good even if it’s not %/s.

Want to bring this up again as well.
Though I’m very happy with the new civs and contents added to old civs, there are still a wealth of very bad cards providing a large source for future updates. I’m a bit annoyed seeing an improved version of almost every one of these aspects in the new civs while the original still remains untouched.


Some of them could be techs (hero upgrades) while other cards could ship a wagon.

Me too. I was hoping that a revisited/reviewed civilization would have most of useless cards improved.

I’m happy about the new cards, specially the ones that provide new strategies, but the amount of untouched cards and useless stuff is still noticeable.

  • Healing rate is trash.
  • Nor the healing rate is visible on UI. is it ?
  • This gets worse when consider Indian monks, they can heal, but only 1 unit at a time, rate is sad in wnd age and after, also… elephants have HUGE HP! #SAD_LYF
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Most healers in general are useless, unless you get them for free like indian monks or especially the padre which I think is actually worth upgrading. You can get the church tech for him that let’s him area heal units which is very good combined with a mass of high hp soldados. Healing from 1 fight more than pays for the tech and it’s fast.

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Pikemen/rods could buff musketeers/skirms/xbow and viceversa, so both type of units, ranged and melee should be together, let’s say a HP buff like state militia but between them.

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BTW another problem with the grenade launcher card is that for some civs it just changes the grenadier, but for other civs it also unlocks a unit and a tech.
Does not matter if the same card does different things for different civs, but this obvious difference in value should be avoided.
My suggestion would always be remove this card and move it to arsenal. Civs without grenadiers will not use them anyway.


All revolution-type cards should arrive fast. These cards are available i believe for Indians, Inca and Aztecs, which make certain units change to something else (Indians villagers → sepoys)


i think it should tech vet grens for everyone to make the value better. spain has some fun gren cheese now with the ranged inf damage card now affecting these lads as well

Not everything is about supremacy.

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Yes better for splitting or using without unction but the old unction made the grenadiers quiet strong yet not viable because of their pop and not being cost effective of course.

Also, Why indians have to pay export to train surgeons on the hospital?? Japan doesnt need it to train goats…

I’d say this again: the Italian church tech is what a “modern” church tech should be. It sends a group of units the civ do not typically have, and improves the respective unit type.