List of valid reasons to leave during the loading screen. December 2021 Edition

Solo and Team:

  1. Water is present on map
  2. Opponent(s) has picked Rus

Team only:

  1. Opponents are all china
  2. Opponents are a combination of French/English

Please add yours below

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If you don’t want to play, please don’t load it, you can ctrl+F4, please respect others


Play custom games if you don’t like the (current) way that quick match works.

I’d suggest that there are very few valid reasons for leaving at the loading screen; one might be that something more important in real life has come up and requires your attendance instead.


Do you play the game? If so, can we do some Rus 1v1? You can’t pick rus, and i’d prefer we do water maps. I wanna see how good you are.

Sure thing, 1v1 me bro :joy:

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All this whine is unbelievable! We get it you don’t like the current status of the game, they got the information clearly. Opening a new ticket everyday won’t see a patch much faster during the holidays as they aren’t working at the moment.

Enjoy other games or custom games and know that the issues will get addressed once they are back in the office, simple as that.

Its kind of rough to see that discussions like this which relate purely to preference are categorized as excessive whining. I don’t think you get it brother, most of us have actually accepted the fact the game will be unbalanced for years to come, and are trying to find ways to enjoy the game.

This thread is exactly that, finding a way to enjoy an otherwise unenjoyable game. You’re the one who needs to stop whining, because truth be told, your notion of the game being patched in the near future is absurd.

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I’m all for constructive feedback to be given to the developers as this game is far from perfect but this topic right here is a good example of a wasted topic in my opinion as there is nothing constructive about it. All I see is complain and whine, but no constructive feedback to the developers why it sucks, perhaps some ideas how to fix certain issue etc.

I can create a topic saying THIS MODE SUCKS but that doesn’t give the developers any insight as to what to do with it, right?

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I’k translate what that man or women wrote.
“Shut up and eat it. No one cares. If game lost 50k daily players since release, so be it, it’s fine.”

Imagine people would shut up in Beta-test about zoom/mongol TC drop, etc.
We would have “walls around wonders in matrix”, and it will be considered as “fun play”.

I’m working, how the hell I should know when their holidays are started?
Are you from default country?

You didn’t understood my previous message and it shows by your reply. Go back and read it again, maybe this time you can understand it.

reread, everything is clear.
u want to shut up people, because u know better “how and when they should express their opinions”
And u live in default country with holidays.

Again you didn’t understand my message correctly. All I said was provide with constructive feedback, something the developers can use in order to change the thing you don’t like at the moment. This is not it. Simple as that.

Where did I tell someone to shut up? Nowhere, I just ask for better topics that can actually help the developers improve this game, which we all want right? If you going to open a new thread which doesn’t lead anywhere me and others have the right to criticize it especially if it’s only whining.

Relic based in Canada, if that’s what you mean by default.

Y’all seem to be getting a bit off topic though. Leaving during the loading screen is, in my opinion, pretty lame. But sometimes it’s necessary. I don’t agree with OP’s reasons, but that’s my opinion.

Do not know the holiday schedule of Canada…and have no idea why i should google it.
also have no idea why forum is closed for holidays…oh it’s open.

I dont approve the idea to leave, while in loading screen.
But you can’t check civs before game starts.
And if i would see 4 chinese in opposite, i would altf4, saving their time.
They will win faster, that’s what they desired.

If it’s 1v1, please feel free. If it’s 4v4, what about your teammates. If they don’t want to quit, it’s undoubtedly selfish.


  • Any of the opponents is China
  • Opponent is RUS in 1v1
  • French + English opponent in 2v2. No matter what you use, if both of them push you always die. Knights will take out your archers and man-at-arms. Long bows will keep sniping your villagers and spearmen. Horsemen are nerfed and are very expensive and barely kill any archer. They die before reaching and then there is spear waiting for them. So yea just quit. To counter this you need to get to castle age but you will be long dead before you reach there.
  • Islands map…

Last patch heavily buffed long bows. Your horsemen which are supposed to counter archers are not only expensive but die before killing a single archer. On the other hand, an Age 2 upgraded spear men in equal number will always counter knights, being really cheap.

I will save my and teammate’s time against firelancers, why should i play with zero (zero) chances to win?
Pretty sure 99% of players(at my ELO) will leave against 3-4 chinese.
with 1 chinese may be playable, but against 3-4 instant altf4.

I’ve already lost with pop200 in 15 seconds.

Oh…i know, your next advice just build walls , what a noob play without walls…

If you recognize a player that uses cheats, alt-f4 is justified regardless of anything else.


Nobody has to give that kind of feedback. It is the developers job to improve the game. Not the paying customers job.
Go police the bug report section of this forum if you want to throw around your apologist rhetoric.

The broken balance gives you plenty of reasons to alt+f4 and the game has no functionality in place to punish such behaviour. Whatever the game allows, goes. If you want to push for a certain way of conducting and showing sportsmanship, then the devs have to implement features that (more or less gently) push players towards such behaviour.
They had no clue how to do multiplayer and thought that it “just develops naturally”…well, it didn’t, did it? It developed into a toxic meta of siege and a few viable civs. Blame the game, not the players.

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