Lithuanian Campaign

Is there ever going to be a Lithuanian campaign added in a future patch? It seems ridiculous to me that the Lithuanians are the only single civilization that you never play as in the campaign mode, and the only time they even appear at all is as placeholders for Poland in the last Ivaylo mission.

There’s already a Vytautas the Great hero unit in the scenario editor. Was he supposed to be the subject of a Lithuanian campaign that had been originally planned but not finished on time?

Regardless of the current happenstance, there needs to be an official Lithuanian campaign added into the game at some point.


I support this. Lithuanian are one of my favorite civs and lacking a campaign (even lacking a scenario) is really disappointing.

I understand that it should not be prioritary at the moment, but in a future patch it will be awesome to included it.

The fact that 34 out of 35 civs get campaigns is rather odd.

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