LITHUANIANS +7 attack on knight line

Hi, I just played a game and it is recorded. The enemy was playing lithanian and he gathered 7 relicsand his paladins had +7 attacks. However, in the lithuanian tech tree, they say they can go max at +4. What is happening?

The relic bug was alrready fixed, and the relic bonus is capped to +4 so Knights and Leitis in castle get a maximum of +6

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I think +8 is the max, they get blast furnace so +4 relics, +4 attack upgrades (+1 forging, +1 iron casting, +2 blast furnace) - he probably had 3 relics and all upgrades

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ohh I forgot lith had access to blast furnace so mods can delete the post if they wish

I meant in the castle age

I was adding additional to your post not trying to contradict you, OP said they had +7

Yeah but OP said they were Paladins