Lithuanians have Cuman and Tatar AI names

I noticed something weird. A lot of times, when I fight the Lithuanians, they end up having the name of a Tatar or Cuman ruler. I assume it’s a bug.

I didn’t post this to Report a Bug because I would need specific details like recordings, which I’m too lazy to figure out.

Never mind. Post this gameplay bug in the bug thread and the Developers can take a look.

Just copy the lituanian and tatar AI names from the string file

What bug thread?

Oh, it’s just that simple /s

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I mean, it’s just copying and pasting from a txt file, so I suppose it is

How would I even access that?

Double check your files before report the bug
My Cumans, Lithuanians and Tatars names seems ok (at least in english)
//14 Leaders of Lithuanians Civilization
106200 “14”
106201 “Vytautas the Great”
106202 “Gediminas”
106203 “Mindaugas”
106204 “Algirdas”
106205 “Jogaila”
106206 “Svitrigaila”
106207 “Kestutis”
106208 “Traidenis”
106209 “Vytenis”
106210 “Jaunutis”
106211 “Zvelgaitis”
106212 “Treniota”
106213 “Netimeras”
106214 “Zebedenas”

Check them in your language folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\resources\en\strings\key-value

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I don’t need to double check the files. Clearly something is wrong.

Nine times out of ten, when the Lithuanians are in a game, they have the wrong name. It also happened to me with the Cumans, who had a Lithuanian AI name.

Clearly something is very wrong.

Do do double check the files as AlphaCreator told you. That way, we can see if the issue is with the translation or is something else

Okay, I can do that once I figure out how to do so. There’s no harm in at least checking.

I just checked, and everything is in working order. I’m looking for a potential typo causing the strings to not work correctly, but I’m not seeing anything.

So Lithuanian AIs have Lithuanians names in the text file? It’s a bug, then. You don’t need to post replays. Post pictures of the Lithuanian AIs names when you are playing