Lithuanians mustn't have Winged Hussar

Hello, I write this because DoTD will introduce Winged Hussar to Lithuanians, which just opened a dumb can of worms about how to balance them, with Winged Hussar, you basically need to nerf either their cavalry or remove their starting food, remember, this civ was quite bad at early 2020, but at the same time they had the relic bonus at 5 and including Hussars, which was just broken for trash wars, even with some dumb things like removing blast furnace or relics or something, Winged Hussar basically would just overbuff them at the area where they excel at.

You wrote because of the commonwealth with Poland, but ask yourself, why Celts have the top siege weapons of the game despite being 100% innacurate historically, or Chinese without gunpowder lol, also Winged Hussar is notable for Poland rather than Lithuania (without even mentioning they have more sense for AOE 3 timeline because of the notorious Charge at Vienna, and even winning battles vs Sweden), so basically is just a bad move to give them Winged Hussar.

I would rather have them as they are or nerfing the extra food at the start than messing upt their tech tree. (and cmon nerf Chinese).

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Well, have they announced the winged Husar to have different stats? Perhaps it’s just a skin change…

it’s an alternate upgrade from the hussar, so i would think it will have different stats.


Making the winged hussar the 4th upgrade might have been a better and easier option.

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At the end we should still wait how they turn out to be. Would they be that op if they just have 1 more attack?

If i’m not mistaken we don’t have any informations (expect unique techs) about poles bonus. Maybe they have sth. to make this unit better but the unit overall isn’t that great at all.

I think we should wait.

The post called it powerful, and their late game is already strong, so yes, i believe if the new hussar is stronger then old they absolutely need nerfs. imho they already need nerfs on hybrid maps anyway.

im already nervous about poles as is.

Me too. I hope they were at least smart enough to ask some pros about their suggestions.

Well if they did that then the upgrade costs would have been ridiculous and no one would have used them. This even made me think it would be a scenario editor unit since it wasn’t announced in the first announcement unlike the houfnice.


By reading some rumours at the wiki, Poles have not that good tech tree

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Neither do Franks, but what they do have is this
a unique mill which gives them faster food income
two unique techs buffing their cavalry
winged hussar


They need to stop adding oppressive cav civs into the game… even a bad tech tree doesn’t matter if you can consistently clear games <20 mins (e.g Lithuanians – who actually happen to have a very good tech tree)


If that is all, it sounds like the most underwhelming civ in existence so far with possibly little answers to their many weaknesses.

Cuz franks are totally underwhelming

Franks have just this? As far as I know, most pros agree that Franks are in a good spot.

Then again some people are never satisfied, as one can tell by the countless forum requests for nerfs and buffs.

From the sounds of it Poles will have a better long term economy, and cavalry with two unique techs buffing them, and a better late game then franks. And that’s before we know civ and team bonuses.

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You can’t win games with cavalry alone. But it’s too early for such speculations anyway.

Franks have been winning with cav only for ages. Lithuanians too.


Sure, against armies of Halberdiers, Camels and Monks? Besides their predictability is one of their weaknesses.

Just remove the ridiculous wings from the base game hussar. Magyar Huszar and the Polish/Lithuanian ones should get the wings and thats it.


There’s already a unique design for Winged Hussars which looks great. Leave legacy content alone.