Lithuanians nerf speculation thread

Since Lithuanians, alongside poles, are going to get winged hussars, I think they’re most likely going to be nerfed since they’re already a top tier civ, even broken on hybrid maps.

My personal tought is that the +150 food bonus is the one that needs to go, since it basically guarantees them to have +1 or even +2 eco units on hybrid/water due to earlier docking. I think that something like +100 or even +75 should be more balanced.

In alternative, a nerf to their relic bonus (I would like to see something like +1 attack every 2 relics) could be on the card right now.

BTW I think that one of these 2 bonus needs to be nerfed, anything else (maybe except losing paladins) makes little sense to me at a first glance. What are your toughts?

I would rather nerf the starting food. It’s literally a superior version of the inca llama bonus (instant collection, and 150 is more than 100). Meanwhile the Lithuanians also have a far better tech tree overall. I’d guess 100 would be more balanced (and even then, it’ll still remain a better version due to instant collection)


Relic bonus is fine
The +150f will be changed, I guess


Cap the relic bonus at +3 - because some players also want to have some relics and the civ is still stronk


What is the difference between +4 to +3??
22 attack to a paladin whose civ lack eco bonus vs a civ that has a strong eco and guranteed +3 attack is much stronger (aKa Khmer elephants)

Why will they nerf them?

Only for Hybrid maps but elsewhere they are fine

Yeah nerf the +150 so 5 pop drush isnt possible anymore and another civ specific rush is out of the window after they trashed inca trush…

GOGOGOGO Metaslave!!! Soon we can remove all military units except XBow and Knights


That Drush isn’t even that strong because is very hard to continue it lol

Lets talk about lithuanians

Hey dude do you know lithuanians are the best civ in the game?..-wait what, no they aren’t!

Yes bro they are, if you don’t believe me take a look at their civ design…- ok i listen

Do you know they have full monk tecs and bonus, along with full cavalry upgrades, paladins, hussar, even extra attack for cavalry, full armor on archs(they only miss arbalest), bonus skirmishes plus a UT that gives them more armor, they only miss last armor for infantry but they compensate it with the same UT for skirms, cause halbs gets more armor, but they also have full water units with most upgrades, they also have artillery as an option, bbtower and bbc and elite bombard galleon…- wait but lithuanians do even got shores or lakes?..don’t get offtopic bro, the civ has full economic upgrades…ok ok- then they they must have a bad or expensive UU just like other civs… well they don’t in fact their UU beats paladins and its cheaper than knight line in gold terms, with 4 relics their UU makes more raw damage than the allmigthy elite war elephant.

…-ok bro they have just too many things and literally no weakness, its impossible for the civ to have any economic bonus… well they actually get extra food which helps them to dominate in hybrid maps.

And with the new dukes of hazzard dlc they are getting a buff on their light cav getting a winged hussar.

…-wow man, not even byzantines or spanish have all those options available, how could the devs design such OP civ without even a slight weakness like most of the other civs?.. i don’t know man i heard FE head of the dev team is from that country…- oh i see it now.


Since you always write in sarcastic way I can’t understand is this real or just another troll.


I expect the food bonus to be reduced but not outright removed. Anyone who wants to see what happens if you outright remove it, look what happened to lithuanians in empire wars

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Yes because a max of +2 that you have to work for and can be lost is totally fair when other civs get +3 or more for a research

I would rather think they will remove blast furnace or something. After all the biggest nerf the civ ever got was when their light cav wasn’t affected by the relic boost anymore, it would be senseless to think it’s OK again for them to have boosted light cav.

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That would be a huge nerf. If thry did that relic bonus should go back to +5

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Without mentioning that also makes the infantry worse, is a bad idea

No one cares about Lith champs and halbs don’t need blast furnace that much.

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Either way it’s still a big nerf to them. A huge nerf. It means that they at max would be (right now) +2 on other civs, assuming you get 4 relics. Keep in mind teutons literally get +2 with no work.


You can still get +4 in castle age, so Lith players would need to bank on that more often.

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Yes but then they are only tied with Teutons for best paladins and better, which is bad, even when armor is better than attack (without mentioning Lith paladin still need 4 hits to kill halbs while Frankish and teutonic paladin can take 6 hits instead of 5)