Little balance suggestion for Byzantines and Teutons

So for byzantine i feel it really strange they have free town watch but not free Town patrol, usually when a civ have a free upgrade they have all the line with it like the frank with the free farm upgrade the viking with handcart and wheelbarrow free.

So why give town watch but not town patrol for free at byzantine ? its dont make sense

Also for teuton i think they need a little buff who make them more viable, teuton is a slow defensive civ but actually they struggle to make use of theyr UU, i think adding free defensive infantry upgrade line and maybe reduce the cost of siege tower(-30% or -50%) who are basically here just for transport teutonic knight would help them to be more viable. What do you think about this change ?


I also have wondered/posted why no town patrol. It seems silly to not have that free upgrade.

I suggested gold-less siege towers which I still think is reasonable. I mean they should normally already cost 50% of the current value. Way to expensive to be a taxi.


Most of the time, yes. There were some notable exceptions, such as Malians, who used to get both gold techs for free, but got nerfed to just one. And if I remember correctly, Ethiopians used to get pike and halb upgrades free, and now it’s just pike. But yeah, you’re right on - free Town Patrol would fit in nicely with what the Byzantines already are, and would be helpful without being anywhere near overpowered. I support this change. :+1:

As for Teutons, I’m not quite sure what should be done, but it wouldn’t hurt to give them a buff beyond “free herbal medicine”. The tricky thing is, it’s questionable to what extent “slow defensive civs” are useful in Age2, but that’s certainly what Teutons were intended to be. (There are actually a lot of games that feature “slow but powerful” units, but they are rarely used, because the way most games are designed favors speed far above all other attributes.)

I think the obvious solution is to just give Teutons the Cobra Car for 500 W 500 G, and allow it to garrison Teutonic Knights inside, which will make it fire more bullets. The Teuton Conversion Resistance would help protect it from enemy monks, and Ironclad would make it more resistant to melee attacks.


But seriously, cheaper siege towers across the board isn’t a bad idea. It’s definitely a meme unit, and is more viable as a moving shield than an actual siege tower, since two petards can permanently knock down an enemy wall and let in as many units as you want, for much cheaper.

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Happy to see i’m not the only one who whant these change, i hope the dev team see this and put it on the next patch :p. ( i love the idea about the cobra car and its seems perfectly fair to me)

Also another idea i see on reddit is to make teutonic knight immune to conversion who fit perfectly in the theme and reduce the huge number of counter they have to face. Last time i use teutonic knight ennemie monk converted them in 3-4sec each i dont see any difference with the passive who make them more resilient to conversion sadly