Livestock moving to Town Center - It's a good thing

I know they have listed it under the “Known Bugs”, however I feel like this could potentially be an added feature. Essentially it acts as a rally point for your livestock after they have fully fattened, reducing the amount of microing you have to do with your villagers.

It would be nice to have an actual “rally after fattened” button added in so that you could have consecutive livestock pens popping out consistent fattened animals and sending them towards your villagers who are working them. For now having them move to the town center after fattened is not the worst thing considering it removes potential for enemy capture, and also means your villagers only need to be in one place regardless of how you need to build your pens.

Because if this feature I was unable to use livestock at all in my game sin e I build them far away from a tc and when Tring to harvest the sheep started qaeking towards the tc and half way turned back.

It is super bugged. I if want my sheep next to tc I can make them move myself. If I want to collect sheep’s out in the open, then let me.


the livestock pen is so bugged I don’t even bother using it. Hopefully it will get fixed.

But, even if it could be a feature, it surely contains two bugs:

  • When a settler is ordered to kill a sheep near a livestock pen, it and the other sheeps move to the town center, but the settler does not move. I’d expect seeing the settler approaching to the town center and killing the sheep there. So, you must move the settler to the town center and reissue order again (which is issued correctly).
  • When a settler has finished getting food from a sheep, he does not proceed picking the next sheep, even if it’s close to the previously picked one.
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Next you will be telling us that the data deletion bug is a good thing. After all, it frees up a lot of space on your drive!


This is a good idea. I had suggested it in the post where the bug was reported. Having a different rally point to send Fattened sheeps/cows would be cool and a more refreshing play to those who want to go through ranching. This playstyle could receive some more love and maybe we get to see it more often. AS of right now it is not even seen. I try to use cows even on their current bug status but It is incredibly hard and unpleasant

there’s no way someone can actually enjoy this bug lol, this just need to be fixed, that simple

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