Load Multiplayer Campaign Saved Games on Xbox?

Does anyone know if you can load saved multiplayer campaign matches in AOE II DE on Xbox console? I see where you can save and load in single player and i can select save and name the saved game for multiplayer and they appear to be adding, but we can’t find the load button for saved multiplayer campaign games on the Xbox. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My friend and i can spend hours playing and we want to be able to pickup where we left off. thanks in advance.
Just to clarify, we can save while in our multiplayer campaign mode, but the same menu that we select save/quit does not have a Load button like the one that appears in single player mode. It just doesn’t exist, so we thought maybe you have to load from somewhere else. We both tried saving from both ends and the load button doesn’t appear. Or we aren’t loading from the right area.

Ok, we finally figured this out and confirmed that it does work. If you want to load a previously saved Multiplayer Campaign game then you go to (wait for it… wait for it… ) Multiplayer from the main menu, then select Restore Game. Yes, you load a Campaign mission from the Multiplayer section of the game, not the CAMPAIGN selection of the game. Intuitive, right? Sure, it is technically a ‘multiplayer’ game because their are multiple people, but couldn’t have added a Restore Game button IN the Multiplayer Campaign section? no? I hope this info helps someone else.