Load Save Game Tab Issue

Load Save Game Tab randomly appears upon starting some of the campaign mode in AOE4 and blocks the gameplay screen. When I click on No on the Tab, the tab does not disappear and keeps re-appearing. When I click on Yes, the game loads the last checkpoint and the tab re-appears upon gameplay again. Kind of hoping that this issue gets fixed soon cause it ruins the whole mood of playing the campaign. Really want to be able to play the campaign smoothly to get the best experience from AOE4.

Hey @FANGTASEA! Next time this happens, could you grab a screenshot of it?


This tab appears randomly and could not be closed during gameplay no matter how many times I click on no. When I click on yes and reload the last checkpoint, the same tab appears again. Happened for the following campaigns so far.

The Siege of Wallingford

Not sure if this bug is existent in all campaigns though. Sometimes, in campaigns like Bayeux and Lincoln, it only happens once or twice, and I can still get through it. But as for The Siege of Wallingford, the issue kept persisting despite restarting the whole game 5 times.

Thank you @FANGTASEA! If able, can you also contact support with your warnings.log file?

Much appreciated!