Loaded games work incorrectly for custom campaign games

Game Version:

  • Build 35584
  • Platform Steam


If you load a saved game from a custom campaign with multiple chapters, you cannot advance the campaign chapter when this game is ended. The “Return to campaign” button in the score summary page is replaced by “Return to main menu”, and the new chapter will still be locked. You must finish a chapter without any loading in order to advance it, while this is quite difficult for some puzzle/strategy-style campaigns.

The “restart game” button also works incorrectly. It should restart the campaign from its beginning, while actually it will reload the saved game and start from the saved time again.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Install any custom campaign games with multiple chapters (a typical example is this mod).
  2. Click the “Campaign” button in the main menu, and select the custom campaign.
  3. Play the chapter one. When the game begins, save and then load it.
  4. Play this chapter to the end. You will see “Return to main menu” button appears in the summary page, and when you return to the custom campaign, the chapter 2 is unlocked yet.
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Should definitely be fixed! Unlocking next scenario using “I R WINNER” still probably works, but for reducing confusion/effort it would be best if next scenario would unlock in normal playthrough

Thank you for your information, and at least we can continue to play right now :smiley: