Loading experience

The load screen can take a long time in 4v4. Ideas:

Start loading the map as soon as everyone is in the lobby. Still have a 30sec timer, then load the civs then launch.

Allow chat to teammates in the lobby & loading screen. This allows strategy talk and discord chat links to be sent.

Display arrangement of players (pocket vs flank), and colors on a black canvas map as the game loads.

I would suggest something like enable in-game chat in loading screen, where you can talk with team and everyone else.

Making the map to preload in the lobby would change the whole implementation of the loading phase and would require too much changes. Also, maps can be changed in the lobby, so it’s not possible to do this.

would love to see in game chat on the loading screen just would be a nice quality of life and fun type of thing, gets boring waiting for the loading screen lol

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