Loading progress frozen at 80-90% for all missions and game types

I’ve already verified game file integrity and restarted both the game and my PC and the issue still persists. I’ve completed every campaign mission up until Rus mission Tribute without issue until now. Music and tool-tips still function as they should so the game isn’t freezing, just stops loading.

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Welcome to the forums! It is a shame this is happening to you. Hopefully the devs can fix it soon. Have you attempted the following?:

Verify Integrity of Game Files
Uninstall With Clearing Documents Folder and Reinstalling
Updating Divers
Make Sure You Have No Conflicting 3rd Party Programs Running Such As Discord Overlay or Corsair iCUE or Razor Chroma Controls
Having Enough Memory to Sustain the Game As it Runs

yep, first thing I did was verify game files and look for driver updates. All my drivers are up to date and task manager displayed only 60-75% of my memory was being used so its not that. Deleted and reinstalled today and no changes, I also don’t have any 3rd party overlays running so not really sure what it could be. I saw posted on another site that there were some other people having the same issue so I know at least it’s not just me being affected.