Lobbies and authoritarian hosts

Hello !

Dear dev do something with the lobby please:

Why some authoritarian hosts can decide if I can play or don’t play ?

Most of hosts with good Elo are kicking player with same Elo and wait to have a lobby full of beginners only for the pleasure to win. While other players are kicked from all the lobbies and desperatly looking for playing.

As 95% of lobbies are “noob” which it means nothing as most of players with 0 ranked are not noob and playing with family steam second account.

This system is completely spoiling our experience of AOE2.

Few solutions :

  1. Please reset AOE to 0 after one month without ranked
  2. Add a filter of Elo to the lobbies for you can choose which range of Elo you accept in your lobby and just kick because you dont like the nick name
  3. Make a kick vote for all the other players can also decide who they want to kick or not, similar to counterstrike.

I already imagine the people who will tell me to go rank or quick game but it is not a solution because they are good only to find 1V1. 4V4 with the map you want you can wait forever. And more you play rank less you have a chance to play in lobbies.

Im a casual player with 50% of victory ranked, why I must be considered like a professional player ??

Where is the problem to play aginst stronger than you ?

Honnestly I am serious fedup of that lobby dictature !

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