Lobbies problemes and unranked game

Hello !

This has been already more less discussed but is there a way to not show ELO stats when entering a Lobby ?

I have about 400 ranked game in total and Im always ban/kicked from lobbies because for noobs I am a pro player. For good player Im a noob because I have only 55% win and 45% loss. So im kicked from lobbies of good player.

For those who dont want ranked game but use elo ranking there are “RANDOM GAMES” (unranked).

Also I noticed several problemes in the lobbies created :

  • AFK Host (is it possible to close game of the AFK hosts ??)
  • Lobbies visible in the list but the lobby doesnt exist but say in the list for several hours
  • Lobbies with password required (is it very difficult to make a filter for not seeing games with password?)

I would suggest that ELO is not visible in games from lobbies before the game start.

What do you think ??

It makes no sense. It’s important to know the “level” of the player when you create lobby. I mean if I’m playing with my 8++ friends I don’t want a 18++ to spoil their experience.
Why dont u create your on lobby then?

Just use steam family share and make a smurf

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Your logic is absolutely wrong… Stats doesnt mean that much. Many players have a very good level and 0 ranked games. At the same time 300 ranked games with 60% of defeats so you are a noob but nobody wants you in your team.

I make lobbies sometime and I accept everybody just we make random team. But sometime you want to make a fast game and not wait 15 min to full a lobby.

There are exceptions of course, like smurfs accs and people that don’t care to play rankeds. No measure system is completely perfect.

Why people gor for the winrate? The elo says much more about your level then win/lose rate. Anyway, I don’t play open lobby.

So, you need people to play with? Try to join a clan or something? Join a few discords? Try facebook group pages. But asking to remove elo makes no sense since it’s the only way we have to level players, even in lobbies.