Lobby and game browsers need to be improved

There are several very annoying issues with the current lobby and game browsers, that make the game look very unprofessional:

  • lobby browser: there is a big delay between the shown players in the lobby browser and the players that are really in the lobby. Sometimes when you are out of a lobby you still appear in the lobby player names. Sometimes the number of shown players exceed the player maximum number of the game (i already saw some lobbies with 9/8 players) ! Also, when you get ejected of a game or can’t join a game, you get a message with an Error code that is absolutely useless, it would be better to give an explanation such as “host quicked you” or “room is already full”.
  • game browser: it still is very difficult to find a game by using a player’s name or even the game ID. The research will often stay blank even when the game ID or one of the players’name has been correctly entered; on the contrary, entering the game ID directly in the browser will always work, but it is not very convenient.
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And… add some ranked lobby system