'Lobby browser' and 'Spectate games' tabs display no games. Extremely high ping to US and EU servers

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.35584.0 4714640
  • Platform: Steam
  • Gamertag: NovaAoE


Checking the Spectate Games tab and Lobby Browser tab results in a waiting time of over 10 seconds and returns empty lists. The Connection Quality box on the right hand side displays extreme pings to US and EU. Here’s the list:

brazilsouth 130
koreacentral 412
australiasoutheast 440
southeastasia 1035
westus2 1999
westeurope 4763
westindia 6651
eastus 8159
ukwest 9418

I have seen them (us and europe) go as high as >20000, though.

Streaming is my job and we are getting into quarantine, please help.

I didn’t have this issue yesterday. I already tried checking for game files integrity and full on reinstalling the game. My ISP is Fibertel in Argentina

#UPDATE: After posting this I started having issues to connect to the multiplayer services at all (2nd screen)
#UPDATE2: Well, rip (screen 3)

Reproduction Steps:

Launch the game
Go to multiplayer
Try to find lobbies or ongoing games to spectate



It’s working again normally. It has been patchy these last few days, and after talking to many South American players, it seems to be a common issue for us. I’m hoping you can iron things out so we can also actually play the game during quarantine.

March 26, 2020:
I continue to experience no game lobby issue.

I’ve searched for updates within Steam and Microsoft Live account.
Reset computer and searched around for other relevant fixes.
Still no results.

Additional piece of information:
When attempting to open the Options/Settings WITHIN the game ONLINE, the screen turns black making it impossible to view and or adjust any settings. This has been going on for months and has not prevented me from playing online games… just another bug I suppose.

I’ve had this happen to me a few times before however this time around it is not being resolved.

  1. Any insight into why this is happening would be very helpful and much appreciated.