Lobby Browser broken again / still

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • GAME BUILD #: 11179620 (Update May 16th)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 11 64bit

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

Lobby browser seems to be broken…

  • Filter games without password does not work at all.
  • Sort lobbies by (column) is completely messed up.
    Sorting by UGC sorts by # of players.
    Sorting by language sorts by location / map.
    Sorting by server does only sort green / not green (does not differ between westeurope [26] and southeastasia [174] → both are green).
  • Also we neeeeeed to be able to filter out Return of Rome / AoE2 lobbies - this is a mess…

Please show some love to the good old lobby browser - a lot of players are still only playing there.



This makes me wonder if anything is even tested before releasing…

the columns are shifted, probably by the new ROR column added, so you can still sort if you click the one in the right of what you want

Thanks for this report @chrizbee8167 . We’re already tracking this issue.


Please, Add the Custom Scenario Filter too :slight_smile:

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you sir… are a legend!. such a simple thing, cleary someone at microsoft has been sleeping on the job :stuck_out_tongue:
but yesit is a mess

also search with text filters and password yes/no doesnt work.

really hard to find games like this

to topic start: there is a filter to the right “game variant” there you can filter out rise of rome

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Broken lobbies in every patch. Stay classy Aoe2.

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Hi @Felizon89 , is there any timeline when this is expected to get fixed?

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I’m afraid I don’t have this information, sorry :frowning: