Lobby browser - no one joins lobby

Hi all,

Today it seems that nearly nobody is able to join the loby I create (friends of me have the same issue).

Is there something wrong after the latest update?

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Nobody joins because lobbies are all broken since last update. The current lobbies are not visible and there is a huge delay in the lobby browser.


Unfortunately there is an issue with lobbies since the latest update. We’re already tracking this issue.


Any update on this? Still no one can join my lobby in aoe de II. if its a problem with the new patch, why wasn’t it rolled back asap? this is game breaking.

Same issue here. Friends cant see lobby either. I wait 25-30 mins until 6+ players join at once. Very bugged.

Thank you Felizon for your reply. Maybe it’s good to make an alert visible for all users that they are aware of this issue. Without a notice people getting frustrated!!


Hi all,

issue is still there… Is there an update?

Any hotfix will be available as soon as its ready. Sometimes they can fix things fast, sometimes dont

I’m surprised it’s taking this long to fix. I would’ve assumed the bug is simply a limit of how many lobbies you’re shown at a time, but it seems more complex then?

I get that you can’t fix things fast all the time, but the past few weeks have been rather miserable and I really hope there’s a fix for it soon.

It’s as easy as backing up. Warn and apologize to the number of players who haven’t played for more than two weeks and release the patch later when things are resolved.

But no, we are still waiting after 2 weeks.

There was an update today - still did not fix the lobby browser issue…

There was a rollback.