Lobby browser not updating

hi there,

whats going on with the lobby browser?
its not updating. old games are shown and new games take forever to be shown.
this is not a new issue, so why do customers and buyers have to suffer again?
is there any point to try to play this game?

if i want to play multiplayer, people keep dodging maps.
whatever(multiplayer or individual game in lobby browser) you want to try to play its waste of time waiting.

Very annoying indeed, I try to join some game with 5/8 players and says it’s full, then out of nowhere appear 8/8 filled games, and I’m not talking about classified games, but customized games (I play only vs AI).

Lobby browser it’s too slow, so slow that if I join a lobby then leave I see my name amongst said lobby players when I search for another one.

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Try ranked next time. Much easier to get into a game. The lobby is terrible. Last time i tried i couldnt find a game in over 30 minutes. I have no real issues with finding games in ranked.

If only ranked vs AI existed… :sob:

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I have the complete opposite experience… Alt F4 killed my hype for ranked…

I’ve seen bug reports on the AoE I forum describing this exact same issue.