Lobby filters issue

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Most lobby filters do not remember last setting. After each game or even after each return from game loby, they are reseted and one has to set them again. Especially annoying for server filter option.

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set a filter, visit game, return immediatelly and almost every filter is reset.

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Would be much user friendly if filter options were remembered even after leaving the game. Also some option to filter games according to ping would be nice. Better then depending on server.

Hi @Caerbannog1575
Could you write detailed steps on how to reproduce this? Does it happen in every kind of lobby? Do you have to play a match in order to reproduce it?
Thanks for the report.

The filters at left side, the dropdown selections.

Select e.g. preferred server. Go to lobby. Leave lobby. The filter is gone and it is needed to reselect it again.

Or set any filters. Leave game. Launch game. Filters gone. Why?

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yea why this not addressed?

@Caerbannog1575 thanks for the report, I wrote a ticket so we’re now tracking this issue :slight_smile: