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Is this the best place to give comment to devs in control of the hosting structure? I’m surprised to not see more discussion on the subject of getting a functioning lobby and game room system. I love aoe so I keep playing, but it feels cold on de hosting service and is definitely lacking. Why no friends system? Ability to message? Lobby with chat and hosting of games. It’s very frustrating to wait in a queue for 10-20 minutes. Only able to join with random people and unable to choose the map. Many people quit or play maps they don’t enjoy out of frustration. One of the biggest joys of aoe for many was easily being able to make friends and team up with people you knew. This is very difficult without a lobby chat or messaging system. I’m tempted to go play on voobly even though I hear it’s full of hackers. Please consider making a basic lobby, game host system with friends list, and chat capabilities. Thank you.

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Isnt this about the same? Maybe you can add your opinion to that thread.
Both are about getting more social options into the game, like we already had in Voobly.

MS Store player there?