Lobby hacked

The game lobby is being hacked and people are able to type and make it looked like someone else is typing

Sounds odd. Any screenshots?

Next time please press Win # + Alt + PrtSc to save a screenshot and then post it here.

There were 4 of us in the lobby and whoever was doing it was alternately posing as each of us and saying weird stuff. Not much to screenshot because it just looked like we were saying things.

Was this game hosted by you or by one of the others. The reason we ask for a screenshot is so that developers can see who hosted and what’s happening. If you don’t feel comfortable to post it online here then please send it to one of the moderators in private.

one was hosted by me. And another by Ror_memo

It’s not a hack, it’s just a chat trick that people used to do in AOE2 lobby many years ago, but it got old and I suppose the only place they can surprise people still unwary of the trick is AOE1: DE.

The way it works is one person in the lobby says something followed by a lot of empty spaces and at the end types the name of another person in the chat followed by a colon, a space, and some weird stuff they might say. If they got the empty spacing exactly right, their message would show in 2 lines of chat starting exactly with the name of said person on 2nd line.

To give you an example for a better understanding, let’s say I was in a lobby with OP and wanted to chat trick him in front of other people in lobby:
IamDalv: Hello___________________________________________________________ k4nian999: I am a fluffy cat
(The _ underscores would just be space in the game, but can’t do it on this forum because empy space is not taken into consideration)
This would show up in the chat room after typing the message as if it wasn’t a single sentence/line, it would drop the characters after the empty spaces on a 2nd different chat line instead:
IamDalv: Hello
k4nian999: I am a fluffy cat

LE: Yup, tested it right now on AOE1:DE fullscreen 1920*1080 resolution (you’d have to take that into account too I think) and if you say ‘hi’ for example (you have to say something before leaving spaces otherwise spaces don’t count) and leave spaces until exactly above letter S from Lock Speed, and then type ‘Lobby Players X: haha tricked’, then ‘Lobby Player X: haha tricked’ would appear on chat on a second line as if Lobby Player X wrote it.


Some people just will never get into the tricks or cheats, so they don’t even want to know.

So the person doing the chat trick has to be the person immediately before the person getting spoofed???

Exactly, therefore it’s easy to tell who is doing it

K4 this is bubba
who do u think it was?
I think it was mem?