Lobby in which you can create games where only players who meet the skill level created by the host join

its almost impossible to have an even match. Ranked team games are very uneven. There is not enough people for ranked quee.
Please make skill level rank get back at lobby, i dont play the game anymore, i love the game, but its very very hard to find a enjoyable match, almost every match ends when 4 people atack 1 player and the rest has no army at all.
Ranked team quee for team games must not exist anymore in my opinion, just make lobby rank come back, even with their consequences, i stopped playing the game because i cannot find a good even match.

i miss this

because this dont work:

  1. the filter order by rank dont work you click on it and its not ordered by rank, that symbol is not explained with numbers anywhere, that symbol is the average of the people joined to the lobby.

what i expect:
a lobby host where you can configurate to create a match where you select the rank allowed to join match as you select a map, for example:
minimum skill level allowed: 19 master sergeant
maximum skill level allowed: 25 captain

as you want:
minimum: level 1
maximum lvl 10

and easy, a player prevent being kicked from a match for being very skilled or lack of skill.
and a player can search on lobby a match where there is people of their skill level.

because its pointless to play any game versus people that is very far from your skill level, either far superior in skill level or far inferior on skill level. Its not fun.


Agree that team games should all be in the lobbies and all games go towards your rank like on ESO. Me and my brother played team ranked and it usually isn’t even. Most of the time our ally is worse then all our enemies. But when I look up the match everyone ELO is fairly similar so it doesn’t make sense.
The one problem with moving all team ranked game to lobbies is when they did that with treaty it doesn’t count wins and losses correctly. I don’t know if they ever fixed it as I stopped played ranked treaty due to that and the amount quitters.

you can check what those symbols are in number in aoe3explorer.com (unranked stats)

Definitely agree with this. The multiplayer interface in general needs to be updated.

i cant find the info there

It is the unrakend elo

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