Lobby is buggy... again

Honestly, I am afraid of new patches from FE. So far pretty much all of your patches have messed up the unranked lobby in some way. Now lobby is taking ages to refresh, chat is slow as well, blank player or lobby names etc.

It’s getting tedious… it’s like trying to teach a kid something multiple times, yet it keeps making the same mistake over and over again and there is no improvement in sight.

Sorry… but 6 months after release and we still don’t have a lobby that works flawlessly. Plus there is zero feedback from the devs about topics that have been roaming the forums for months e.g. like an option to disable the profanity filter which was and is a complete joke.


Lobbies are still not working as they should. But it looks it improved.

Still we experience some odd stuff.

I host a game none joins, friend hosts a game none joins.
We can wait 10 minutes and nothing, then on some “Lucky” rehost, game fillls instantly or lobby works and ppl join fast fair enough even when booted.

30k players online on Steam. Looks like some odd stuff to me.