Lobby is invisible

It happening all the time. Neither mine nor other players lobbies is in browser tab. No one joining. Only direct invites works


Same story here. Can’t find or join matches. Only matches that pop up are random KoreanCentral servers that aren’t even active.

Same, my friend also couldn’t find my lobby lol

Same, visibility is definitely bugged, everytime i log in i can see only lobby from a specific server only

same problem. Is this a US problem? It’s hard to find complaints about this and it seems that the servers are completely down…

I’m unable to host a lobby successfully, when I create it’s not visible in the lobby browser tab. Was working fine in beta. Attempting to host in Australian server.

Bit more testing, sometimes lobby appears briefly and then disappears in the lobby browser window.


I almost always have a search screen for friends that does not show my wife’s (same house) created game even though her game is set to be Visible to friends. We of course are friends on steam. Only once or two have I seen it.
She always has to send me a Steam invite to join.

It’s a worldwide problem, the reason you don’t see a lot of complaints about it is that most people simply aren’t aware, they just think there aren’t a lot of people online, when in fact there are hundreds of games but they’re all invisible in the lobby list.

It’s been like this since launch and the developers are aware of the bug but certainly don’t seem to realize how severe the impact is. Me and all my friends have already stopped playing because of these problems.

Still happening and completely ■■■■■■■ up the game. Why isn’t this fixed yet? Do you want me to program it? I understand that its very hard to make a list with IP adresses and names, and distribute them over the internet. Maybe you want me to help? I know how do make a database. You can store information in it, and other people can see it. Do you need help? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THIS