Lobby title inconsistencies and other thingies

Why the loaded custom scenario doesn’t show at the room title if you set up a room with anything other than the Definitive Set for the data mod setting? Here are some examples for when I title a room “FVD”:

This is how the title gets with a custom scenario loaded and Definitive Set setted up

the lobby title comes first, and right ahead the loaded scenario name [comes between brackets]


This is how the title gets with a custom scenario loaded and FVDDragBombardTowersDE setted up up

only the lobby title shows up

This is specially problematic because the browser tab don’t refresh the location column after a lobby is set up and you load a custom scenario. As you can see, in both examples I had the ‘Coastal’ map as the location shown. So, even with the UGC star marking that a lobby have mods/custom scenarios, one could only know about the loaded custom data on a non Definitive Set lobby if they enter it or if the host type it in full, and that’s pretty annoying.

Further on: I wish that the host could have more options available about other players in the lobby aside from just kick, ban or silence. Locking and denying teams, manually assign each player number and force random players numbers (with available exception for P1) would be much welcomed, specially for custom games.