Lock Family Share accounts from ranked

I swear, for each person using this feature legitimately there are 99 smurfs and hackers evading their bans. Just make this trash buy the game again and again and again and again if they want to ruin other people’s day.
Timeout for a day any player who wins 3 consecutive ranked games in less than 10 minutes each.
Maybe even do like sc2 and lock people out of multiplayer for a while when they make a new account, have them complete a william wallace mission a day for a week or something before they get to enter the matchmaking and delete the enemy town centre after 2 seconds.
I understand people will smurf and hack either way but at least lets make their routine annoying as hell, and bans more punishing.


I don’t play Ranked at all but I definitely agree with the logic here. It’s weird that this game encourages smurfing by allowing Family shared account into Ranked.

And even if let’s say the account is used in a legitimate non-Smurf manner. Why would you want to measure the performance of maybe two or more wildly different skilled players with just one account?


People ruin games of each other in different ways, probably you didnt realize it. For every game you lost, one or some of the group members got some kind of responsibilities


I don’t understand your comment at all.

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Remove hate topics like this, not a single good thing will come from this, just giving ideas to the devs to make the game more disgusting, like with the punishment patch.

Fix the game issues, make a ranked lobby, end of smurfing, not affecting thousands of old guys with families using that feature.


Ofc a player who smurfs is against a change that makes it harder to smurf :slight_smile: Alt f4 ban is working very well already the only issue is people sometimes crash randomly because the game is 20 years old


up vote this. we need this familysharing banned!


no, we need this threads so that those dumb wont think that their thoughts are majority.
Banning the family share is a valid request a year ago and people really need to raise out now before the game is truly dead.

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yeah, i agree. Family accounts are fine, but they shouldn’t be allowed in ranked mode. They can just play all other modes. QM, Lobbies, campaigns, etc


No, it’s not. It’s a bad decision; that’s just not seeing the big picture.
Pretty much the same as those people who were crying for time-outs and bans for alt+f4. And now look, that made everything a lot worse. If they really ban family sharing, shunning and kicking out a chunk of active players who only play campaigns and against ai through family sharing will be the least of their problems.

For starters, they should patch the vulnerability exploited by hackers. That’s the real problem exposed in this thread, not family sharing.

I completely agree. The worst part is that there are people who think time-outs are “working”.
As for smurfing in TG, there are plenty of threads about it already. Almost all of them end up with 1. Tg elo reset. 2. New tg elo calculation. 3. team elo limiters. So how about implementing those 3 options together instead of adding weird stuff.


hey man, stop playing smurf account, this is disgusting.
for those people who against banning family share are very likely playing smurf accounts.
For those “Real people” who stopped the family share, go buy the game and not let the whole game players suffered. That’s the best option.

I always wonder why people crying about this option reduce player base or blah blah blah, do you guys have the stat, have the numbers proving there are “lots of real people” using family share?
I see a lot of smurfs are just abusing the system to enjoy their elo climb and win games, beating someone much more lower elo so that he can win causually.
This is super disgusting.

Also, all of the stuffs you mention are TG only, how about solo 1v1? Dont tell me there are 0 smurf in 1v1.
You either think the situation is not serious compare with TG, however, if you think smurf is ruining the game why letting 1v1 having smurf?



Nah, just think about the consequences before requesting for things that will ruin the game.
Just my 2 cents. That’s better, instead of letting your childish imagination go wild and asume things about others.

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11 Childish.

First, you didnt deny you are playing smurf.

Secondly, you didnt face the issue about smurf in 1v1.

Lastly, If i use the family share to play the game and knowing the game is ruining by smurf completely, I would 100% support stopping family share and support the game by buying it.
This is how I wearing other shoes.



Is this your argument? Do you really think someone who took your post serious enough to reply would have taken that bait? zZzZz

No, you silly goose, the context is like this: it’s been 2 years since launch and aoe4 was released a couple of weeks ago. Just like all game companies, at some point they’ll stop using new players as the main metric. And will use active player instead. That will affect the future decisions they’ll take about new content, new civs, etc. For example, when there are people investing hours on the game regardless if it’s multiplayer or single player, they’ll consider the game alive. When the playerbase hits rock bottom, they’ll consider the game dead and pull the plug. Reality is more complex but I’m trying to make it as simple as possible. Now, as I said, aoe4 was released and a lot of people, including me, already migrated. What do you think will happen when a company decides to shun and kick out a portion of the playerbase.

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People here keep talking about stuffs not even focuzing on the problem root cause itself.
It’s just like when they ■■■■ themselves, they are trying to hide the smell, like they want to keep and protect the precious ■■■■.
No, you just go to clean yourself up and change your pants.

When there is a problem, just cut it as fast as you can.
Perfect example to showing good management is:


Your whole example is telling me, people who’s stopped family share will not buy AOE2 and migrate to AOE4 directly. If it is the case, please let them do that. The game is dying right now, due to the smurfs and poor management from the developers.
Besides, For those people who really interested in AOE4, whatever AOE2 stop the family share or not, they will migrate eventually.

if you have migrate to AOE4, yes, again, PLEASE GET OUT FROM AOE2 WITH YOUR SMURF ACCOUNTS.

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No, you don’t get it.
Those people who play casually and share their accounts with siblings are the ones who support the modding community the most. And guess how the game was kept alive before FE became official or even existed.
I swear all your posts sound short-sighted and clueless.

In the first place, banning family sharing won’t solve the problem about hackers and smurfers. It’s like hiding the mess under the rug and expecting the problem to solve itself. Ask yourself why a casual player would buy the game twice just so a brother or friend can play campaigns, custom scenarios and mini games. Now ask yourself why said casual player would smurf or even play ranked. The thing is most of those people won’t even touch multiplayer.

Imagine kicking out a whole group of players and telling them to “get out” thinking that will do any good to the future of the game.


If you just stop the RANKED from working in family share, all those things should still work


+1 disable family shared accounts from playing ranked. This is long overdue. If people want to smurf so badly they can buy the game again


I fully support this. The smurfs and cheaters who abuse this feature are beyond unbearable.