Lock Mouse To Window Turns Off Randomly

Lock Mouse To Window Turns Off Randomly, please fix. It’s like… every game, every other game, idk some days it doesn’t happen at all.

Thanks for the report @SleightofEgo! Have you noticed if this is happening when you tab in and out of the game?

Hey, glad to see someone official active in the forums! I’m not sure when this issue happens. Tonight I will try tabbing in and out at different times during menu → finding game → loading match → in match and report back.


Okay I haven’t figured it out yet but I can tell you that it happens more when I play w/friends, and I always play windowed mode cuz I have too big of a monitor.

I play on Borderless Fullscreen and not with friends (normal quickplay) and this happens to me every other day.

Please contact support with a summation of your problem and your DxDiag. It should help us narrow why this might be happening. Thanks!

Im having this a few times every game.

Doesnt matter if i play in borderless och exclusive fullscreen.

Having the same issue

@MooseusAdolphus @ImmenseBeing this one should be fixed in an upcoming update.

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