Locked resolution

Hello everybody!

I need help with AoE DE. I bought it yesterday on steam and when I run it, it looks like low resolution. I check the graphic settings and the resolution chart show me that the configuration is 1360x768 (the highest resolution compatible with my screen). I changed it to a lower resolution and nothing changed. I download the DLC for HUD and nothing happened. I exceed the minimun and recommended requirements. It runs with 60fps without problems. It’s very annoying to play in this way.

Could someone help me? I will really grateful!

What is your desktop resolution? Game automatically uses desktop resolution.
I also expect that you are talking about AOE 2 DE, not AOE 1 DE (for clarification)

Hello Yorok0

Thanks for answer me.

My desktop is set in the same resolution. I checked it before running the game. And yes, I’m talking about AOE ii DE.

You have to increase your desktop resolution to get better graphics.

It’s in the highest. I can run other titles as AOE HD with this resolution without problem (and other games), but this look very blurry. The smallest texts can’t be read or you can read them difficultly.