Lombardia meta

Lombardia is back in map pool. What kind of powerful strategy do you use or have you encountered ? What civ and what civ combo would you go for yourself and for your team?
Personally I think since opponents are far away, boomy style is often seen and cavalry play is encouraged over archer play.
What are your thoughts?

i feel like on lombardia, mobility is not as important, because everything is in one place kind of, so you can get away with making slower, stronger units. like elephants instead of knights and mangos/scorpions instead of archers.

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Wall + Boom is the answer on most maps in the current meta for all maps :joy:

wow that’s almost the opposite of what I thought in the first place but yeah it makes sense as well
so well you go for like, khmer maybe?

yeah lombardia has a lot of teamwall potential. Actually, everyone teamwalls in the current play style. What army combo would you go for after booming?

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My personal tip is going for a really early rush, if you can combine your scouts or archers with your teammate going for the other unit then you can often enter unfinished enemy walls or open them.

Lombardia walls are long and that makes walling it slow as well as making rewalling (walling behind your own wall if the enemy attacks it) difficult.

Often you can do a lot of damage, long team walls can be treacherous.


This is the perfect map for the famous persians elephants. You can easily boom and they smash pretty much everything/the perfect meatshield for the army behind that.

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A friend of mine and me used to have a strat in 2v2 where one of us would go lithuania or mongol (3 boars. You can swap a boar for cows with your teammate) very fast feudal into scouts while the other would go FC. Because the opponents are together if you pull it before they walled you are able to harass and force reaction from both ooponent players slowing them while your teammate gets to castle fast and than is able to push from there.

Ofc it depends on the level you are playing. We are at an average level and ppl are not so good at fast walling for example. I guess at higher level it would be harder to pull of. Generally the strat takes advantage of the fact one player can slow down two opponents because they are close and you always find smth to hit eevn if they get out spears. If you force reaction from both even better. At the same time you have option to swap resorces with your teammate. We didnt do it often but I think optimal strat is to use third boar with mongols.

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