Long Night [ Tower Defense ]

Hi all,

I have created a new custom scenario where players have to stand against waves of enemy army:


  • All you need to do is gather infinite gold at the gathering area.
  • Careful with how many miners you hire.
  • Players start with 2 villagers at the gathering area.
  • Exchange wood or stone by gold using your King. Food is given as you age up.

Kings are used to buy all you need to improve your defences. You have to take the right decision when to buy things as it is part of the scenario.

North Shop, from left to right:

  1. Tormund - Special unit, comparable to Elephants;
  2. Unsullied - Special unit, comparable to Elephants;
  3. Castle unit - Not available yet.
  4. Archer;
  5. Amazon Archer;
  6. Amazon Warrior;
  7. Camel;
  8. Elephant;
  9. Dragon Statue - Custom health, increase all live units health by 20;
  10. Age Statue - Feudal Age 100g, Castle Age 2000g and Imperial age 5000g;
  11. Buddah Statue - Extra gold miner for 30g;
  12. Exchange gold for Wood;

South Shop, from left to right:

  1. Militia;
  2. Pikeman;
  3. Northern Warrior, Special unit, comparable to Elephants;
  4. Skirmisher;
  5. Cavalry Archer;
  6. Janissary;
  7. Scout;
  8. Knight;
  9. Horse Statue - Custom attack, increase all live units and built towers attack by 1;
  10. Lion Statue - Custom Armor, increase all live units Armor by 1;
  11. Builder Statue - Extra builder in war zone for 10g;
  12. Exchange gold for Stone;

All items have its own relic with description and cost. Select it to read.

Buy sample:

User your buildings to upgrade units and towers.

The Night King will send waves of the dead with random timers. At the begin players have a little help from timers to know when the next event will happen.

Do not cross the dead line, you will know when you see it.

Defend your fortress at all costs!

Feedbacks are welcome! Cheers.

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What is the requirements for it to not bug? A lot of the times the enemy just doesnt come.
Can we pick civs? Colors? Does it matter wich color? I think lightblue doenst work.

The few times i played and it worked it’s very fun and well made! Thanks for the work!

Hi ThopNotch,

As I created it by using AOE editor, users need to pick colours orderly to work. If it has 5 players, for example, players can pick colours from 1 to 5. If someone skip colour for Player #5 (teal) and choose 6 or 7 instead it will bug for them. I will update this information in the MOD description.
Yes, you can pick a civilization. Civilization makes difference if you think about gathering gold faster or using their bonuses like range, tower attack or costs, it is part of strategy as well.

Currently I am not developing a new version, which would enable users to buy their castle units according to their chosen civilization. As I started developing a game for mobile, it took all my spare time.

This last version is really balanced and when I was creating games in lobby no one survived the last 3 waves, only me but that does not count.


Hello Bikers

We made the mistake of not picking a blue player. That way you cant move the queen to start the game. Also, we weren’t clever enough to figure out that we had to move the queen to the snow Y and N :smiley:

Thanks for your reply and your game! We managed to figure out how to play and completed all waves. Was a lot of fun!


Hi ThopNotch!

Great! Well done. If you had any problems in any wave let me know.
Which strategy you guys used? Towers or units?
Was it ok or was it too easy?


Can you play this solo?

Hi Soldeo!

Yes, you can. You have to choose p1 and start moving your Queen to Y.


All right sounds promising :slight_smile:

Which trigger/effect do you use to make a gold mine have more gold? Can you do the same with a tree for wood?

Hi Ginning,

As I used the default AOE editor I am generating gold infinitely when it is gone. Trigger it as a loop with condition when it’s gone. I think you may be able to do for wood as well.
If you use advanced editors you can just let the gold mine object infinite.


Just tried the mod while back, I was confused and what Y? Is there any video of people completing this mod?

Perfect! Thank you!!

Hi Soldeo!
Y and N means if you want to start using tutorial or not.
Yes, I have finished myself and I sometimes I play this during the weekends in lobby. For me its funny to play with others and see everyone trying survive to the waves.

Difficulty increased from 3rd wave.

Several improvements in performance.
Added a relic to describe tutorial area choice.
Reduced time between all waves and its duration.
Added Objectives to track your progress.
Updated in game messages and descriptions.
Player 1 combat area size has been adjusted.
Mining area size has been adjusted for Player 6 and Player 7 to be the same as others.
Buying +20 HP now also heals live units for 40 HP.
All players now starts with unique commanders according to their Houses.
Last wave now changed to Night King.
Wins who survive to the last wave and kill the Night King first.
Some waves has been adjusted.
Shared Exploration now available regardless lobby settings.