Longbows are not unique enough

Longbowmen have basically the same stats as the Archer line, including the same range. This doesn’t really give them a whole lot of uniqueness or really make them any different from the Archer line.

What if the Briton range bonus was just +1, and then the Longbowmen got extra base range to compensate? They’d keep the same range they have now, but they’d now outrange the Archer line, giving them a more unique role.


I agree. Adding the uniqueness is always a good idea. However I think most people will disagree with it because Longbowmen have not changed since AOK and it is still pretty good at doing their job which is long range


Wouldn’t that be a huge nerf to the Britons? Elite Longbows have 12 range and arbs have 11 btw, and they look and sound cool!

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Yeah it’s interesting…
Britons are also seemingly powercrept.
I remember when Britons were considered one of the best Arabia Civs, but atm it seems like they are one of the worst. Also to big parts of the meta change to more and more Cavalry play which doesn’t synergize too well with the Britons eco bonusses.

On the other side buffing Longbows would only make Britons better in the few Maps they still can be considered top tier…

I would like to see a nerf to the britons archer line and a compensational eco buff like increasing their sheep gather rate or whatever. When Britons Xbows and Arbs had 1 range less there would be much more incentive to go for the Longbows imo.
Cause I don’t think Longbows are necessarily bad, it’s just that the current archer line is already so good with Britons and it’s way more convenient to go for them.
And I think with a little bit better early game Bonus but less Range on their Archer line Britons would feel way more “balanced” and “rounded” than they are atm.


Yes, at the moment briton player no need too effort to take a desition between archer-lin and longbows. They have very little differences, and Longbows being a castle’s unit is the great drawback.
I have and idea. What if Yeomen, intead of give foot archers +1 Range, make longbows trainable from towers (plus the +2 attack)?

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That is way too powerful. I don’t think Britons need any buff simply because they are not unique enough, it is okay to have some plain and generic civs.

Yeah, I agree the tower thing is too much. I think my suggestion makes Longbows more unique, while also not really taking away from or significantly changing their identity.

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Yea, especially they have really strong towers too. Longbow is already unique, I think it is just the fact, that their archers line have such high range in both castle and imperial age, we don’t see much longbow usage.

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I think yeomen’s effect on towers should be removed and make it gives +1 damage to longbows.

In general Britain needs a rework, Celts need refinement and would be good to have something representing that God forsaken island before 1000 ad (which isn’t goths).


Then it hurt uniqueness of Britons. Considering longbows are not easy to mass…


I came up with a Saxons concept a few months ago. Don’t know if you saw that or not.

What about Yeomen gives 2+ range for Longbows? Elite longbows 13 range? :crazy_face:


Longbows are strong enough. There are maps already where Britons can completely dominate with them.
When they get to them, but that’s a different discussion.

The thing is outside of these Maps you rarely see Longbows cause the regurlar archer line offers basically the same with way better commodity.

Longbows aren’t a bad unit, there is just littloe incentive going for them in most maps atm.

Ofc Britons should get a good compensation for nerfing their standard archer line.

But how? What can they do differently than Crossbows?


look at Mangudai. It is not easy to mass but it still popular than CA

I agree. The main problem of longbows not unique enough is that their Foot archers in Archery Range are too good. They do not even need to produce UU and can still have 3 range longer than regular foot archer. I think devs can treat Longbowman like Mangudai. Mongols CA is good but Mangudai is way better. So we can buff longbow and nerf their crossbow line like for example, I think it can even give Thumb Ring to Britons with these limiation:

  1. Foot archers in Archery Range only get +1 range (9 range with all upgrade)
  2. Elite Longbowman do not affected by Thumb Ring but max at 13 range

I’m coming in a bit late and I’m a little lost. Is the general idea to buff longbows, nerf arbalests so as to increase the difference between longbows and arbalests, or something else entirely?

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You got it. I’m proposing a decrease of 1 range for foot archers as part of the Briton bonus, and in exchange, increasing the Longbow’s base range so they ultimately have the same 12 range, but their difference is major compared to the generic Crossbow.

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I could even go so far to say yeomen shouldn’t affect longbows at all and instead you can give the longbows all the lost range from Civ Bonus and UT for free as base.
The biggest Issue for the Longbows on the most commonly played maps is the commodity issue. And on the few maps where Longbows can dominate it doesn’t really make a difference if you have to pay for Yeomen or not.


They would have still the same base range as the Crossbowmen pre-Elite right? The non-Elite version should also just be given a base range of 6

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