Looking for a 2v2 partner or clan

I recently got into ranked team games and want to find someone to have fun random civ games with. Anyone up for this?

Maybe you can introduce yourself a bit? Things like:

  1. what kind of maps / play style do you like?
    Maybe you like open maps to rush, while another player who sees your messages is much more in closed boomy games.

  2. what is your preferred time slot?
    If someone is living at the other side of the world, it wont be a good match. There is pretty much no time slot that fits both players.

  3. What is the elo range your looking for?
    I think you are looking for someone with about equal skill. Or are you more looking for some kind of tutor who can teach you the game? Things like that are pretty important.

  4. What is your preferred way of communication?
    Just ingame messages? Did you want to use voice chat with some external tool? Is English fine? Or do you prefer an different language?

I feel like clans are pretty much dead. DE also dont really have good support for clans. But many active streamers have popular discords. In most discords they organize team games and sometimes even tournaments. Maybe you can have a look at those discords and just join some of them. To me it looks like these discords replace clans.