Looking for a friend

Hello future friend.
I’m looking for a friend, because now I have no friends.
Do you want to be my friend?

All right, well on a more serious note now though lol… So I’m looking for someone to team up with in ranked or normals. I’ve been playing strategy games for as long as I can remember, unfortunately I never really had any premades to play with.

The ultimate goal is to climb up the ranked ladder overtime in team matches.

I’m a Diamond I player myself (Macilicious' – AoE4 World), but I wouldn’t mind to team up with a lower ranked player (minimum Platinum though).

I would like to play matches while having voice chat in Discord. English or Dutch speaking will do!

Interested in becoming my friend? Feel free to reply here, add me on steam, Discord, or in-game.

Steam friend code: 94444671
Discord username: macilicious
In-game: Macilicious’

Let’s have some fun, talk to you soon, future friend! :revolving_hearts:

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I’m down to play my skill level is platinum maybe we can do some normals and see if we work well together before taking on the ranked ladder. I already added you on discord my username is SillyGayKitty on discord and in game

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Will add both of you.

Reached Diamond 1 earlier this season when playing french.

But now trying to do the same with hre and abbasyd, but struggling, currently at Plat 2.

My steam username is same as this one.