Looking for a lost friend, chinaking

Hi, I used to play AOE3 during college (2011-2015) in the U.S… I had a good friend whose username was ‘chinaking’. We used to play together and talk a lot. He was good with SU and China and beat the ■■■■ out of me. lol. It’s been almost 10 years. We lost contact for so long. I recently started playing the AOE3 DE and I MISS him. Can someone tell me how to find this man pls? I was having fun about the new game…but it just brings back so many memories with him(sounds gay but actually no)…yea, just leave me a message if you know this guy. Thanks!!! so !!! MUCH!!!


Aww, this is sweet. I hope you find him. If you were playing him on the base game, through steam, any luck there?

I tried the chatting function in the base game, but it seems that i can’t send him any message if he is off line. And it’s been so long, I don’t know if he is still in the game. I think if he 's still playing, he would have started to play the DE. But thanks for the advice! I appreciate your kindness!! :smile:


Yeah not sure how you can find him again. But I hope you find your old teammate

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Can we get this pinned pls??

I see him regularly. There is a chinaking right down the road from me.

According to ESO-C, your friend has recent activity in the game. 2022-02-27 13:02:00
ESOCommunity - ELO Ladder


OMG what is this?? Never know there’s such a convinient system before! Thanks so much!! It looks like him. Hopefully I can contact him through this. Thanks again!!


I don’t think you can contact him via that link, but good news is he still playing on RE (The Asian Dynasties pack). So you should be able to ping him there

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So he’s still playing the old version? Last time I login it looks like a dead game lol. Isn’t the server already stopped running or sth?

If you get on the steam page of TAD, you will find an update that would allow you to play online.

ESO (ensemble studios online) is still running u don’t need the steam patch. On eso theres about 150-300 on line at any given time.

Chinaking doea play on eso along with me. We find TAD legacy far superior with friends list, ranks and a more balanced game. Still have my stats from 2005. Hope ESO never shuts down Aoe3de is a joke with a poor rank system, no friends list ect

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Great news my friend! I checked the ESO website and successfully logined my account. But how do I view my friends there? I can’t find anything. THANKS FOR HELP!

No, u have to load Aoe3/TWC or TAD and click Multiplayer and log into ESO that way.