Looking for an AoE4 and AoE2 community?

We are trying to grow our current gaming community currently focused on AoE2 and AoE4. There are weekly community games in AoE2 (managed by zebeastgg) but also normal discussions about everyday.
Since I am more of an AoE4 player myself Id like to get new members for the AoE4 branch.

I manage an AoE4 channel in which you can ask all question about AoE4 and where I am also gathering information all around AoE4 like Quick Sheets, Civ Overviews, Unit Counters and more.
The community is meant for casuals and pros alike.

We also plan to create a league system for this community, currently developed for AoE2 but will also be available for AoE4 games once enough players are interested.

If you’re are interested you can go to tactica.gg where you find a link to our discord!

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