Looking for begginer players to form a team

Hi there im from Argentina and i am an old gamer (i am 35 years old).

Im looking for people who are begginers like me (currenty trying to improve in the game against Hardest AI) so we can form a team and try to sinergyce better with each other so we can contest 3v3 or 4v4 against other people in the future.

I try to do this with some of my friends but they dont be so interested so im trying to meet other players so i can achive my dream.

The language is not a problem despite i speak spanish (i can speak english and understand it) but its a requisite to be like newcomers or something like that so we are all in the same level…

I hope you can catch your interest and we can form a nice group

Thanks in advance!


Agregame compatriota. “Quiero Re-Turco” es mi nick

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Dale si conoces gente que pueda ayudarnos estaría.

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Te acabo de agregar en Steam soy tal cual el nombre que ves acá

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mas tarde entro a jugar, te aviso por si pinta practicar

I would be interested eventho im not from Argentina 11

My ingame name is Pyrrr94

Of course you can i really want to have all the possible newcomers possible here all are welcome!