Looking for Steam friends

So most of my friends have retired age of empires from their game time to play pubg or whatever else is new. Me and my brother still play aoe 2 hd but we would like to play with others who are noobs on a similar level (I barely beat a Hard AI). Anyways if anyone wants to play for practice and wht not drop your steam name or add me. trofy


Hello! Always welcome to play with other people any kind of AOE Game.

My Steam user: KingDarBoja

However, I am busy with University these weeks so don’t expect me online :’(

@KingDarBoja np whenever there is time.

you could find me here, dukemon14
prefer weekends between friday evening and sunday evening. :wink:

I want to try be a team player in AOE2. So I mean that I can help others, but I have no experience to play with others and certainly not against others. :frowning:

Maybe somebody wants a team up with me against one hard Ai?

Would love to play! Steam User: JewishPoptart

You can add me as well. My user name is Mehkind. However, I have situation like @KingDarBoja . And I don’t get online often. Just a word of caution, I have more experience with Single Player and my own created scenarios. And have only played with friends and never been a competitive player. Call me what ever you want…

my steam is @aebm5